Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Spring Art Fair Race in Manhattan 2008

On my way bicycling to Scope NY I caught "digitaly" a cracking piece on Bleecker street
When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, 
the world will know peace.
Run, run to see everything......
The eyes wide open, the finger ready to push the button of my digital camera I do not want to miss a crumb.
Creativity  and craziness everywhere, damned finally...
 At Scope :

1) Ivana Brenner at 
It is many strips of a dry mixed paint with polymer.  
Painting is becoming sculpture,collage, installation, object, decontextualisation... of matter
2)Russel Biles at
Can you imagine some naked white children pictures in an African Magazine?
Just try...strange right......
3)Matthew Rodriguez at
Collage super authentic....
At Volta NY :
1)Jacin Giordano at
This is the Brancusi column of multi-colored carpet toilet seat!!!! I love it....

2) Jota Castro at
No comments... everything is told in that piece...

3)Sage Vaughin at
Something very contemporary about it.
At Art Now :
1)Sarah Didonato at
Is she going to fly away?
2)Tracy Timmins at
Did you say Glamour....?
At Red Dot :
1)Edward del Rosario at
Strange animals....human beings....on a monochrome orange background...
At Armory Show:
1) Thukral & Tagra at
 "Toasted flowers", did you taste it....?
At Bridge:
1)Alexis Duque at
After the consumerism apocalypse....nature is back.....
2) Zhang Hui at
Women have bigger heads these days......
At Pulse:
1)John Salvest at
You always should keep them and do something with it...(soap).
2) Jennifer Burkley Vasher at
The "Tylenol Room " is amazing, I want the same...(made with only tylenol)
and look at this........from the same candy.....
So yes it was crazy and I loved it......
I think that Pulse were the most decontextualised...Art Fair....